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The key to success for a profitable investment

RealtyCare is an agency specialising exclusively in property management, an innovative and proactive concept, for all work involved in managing a property that is intended for rental.

What is Property Management ?

Rental management consists of entrusting a professional manager (the steward), with total day-to-day management (administrative, technical, commercial) of your real estate available to the rental market.

What are the features of a good real estate portfolio manager?

The manager has a wealth management approach towards its property-owning clients, in the sense that, along with the client, he draws up an in-depth appraisal of their property assets, and suggests solutions in order to add value through tailor-made management. The manager, a professional in real estate, acts objectively and with complete independence as opposed to the networks of real estate, banking, insurance and other agencies.

The manager is placed right beside the owner/landlord, taking care to always defend his interests, both in his real estate investments, but also by advising him and managing them for him on a daily basis.

The manager is the operational link between you, the real estate investor, and your tenant. And this is with complete transparency and flexibility. He adapts to your requirements, making sure he can answer your questions at all times, as well as those of your tenants.

A trusted, favoured partner, he informs you of changes in regulations and laws, but also   technical improvements that enable savings to be made. His mission is to maximise your gains and at the same time reduce the risks.

How far does his mission extend?

Even more than a consultant of choice, in optimising your real estate investments, the manager defends your interests both from an administrative point of view (overseeing rent, rental updates, recovery of unpaid rent), and from a technical point of view (leaking tap, insurance claim, compliance issues), or with regard to marketing (making available for rent, optimising revenues).

His role lies in a relationship of trust that develops over time

At RealtyCare, freeing you from the daily constraints connected to private management of your real estate, it’s more than a mission, it's a state of mind.
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