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10 Good reasons to trust us

A cost that is often greater than the cost of the services of a professional manager

10 good reasons to work with a Real Estate Portfolio Manager:

1. Efficiency
We have accurate knowledge of changes in the various legislations in force. We will inform you of all amendments or changes to standards.

2. Network
We are surrounded by an efficient network of staff, experts in their profession. As such, you will have all information on the subject of property at your fingertips.

3. Security
We use legal contracts, validated by a legal department. We will spare you any errors that could have grave consequences.

4. Guarantee
We have an obligation to guarantee our clients’ funds through a deposit lodged with a financial body and also to cover our professional civil liability.

5. Tranquillity
We are the preferred and only intermediary between the owner and the tenant. In your place, we take on the concerns that are inherent in renting out your property.

6. Proximity
We develop significant knowledge of the local market. We have all the necessary contacts to react to any situation.

7. Profitability
We provide consultancy services in order to optimise your real estate portfolio as far as possible. Our common objective: reduce your costs, increase your profits.

8. Rigour
We send you regular reports on costs and rental income that are clear, detailed and accurate.

9. Partiality
We are instructed by the owner and we act only on his behalf. We defend his interests objectively.

10. Continuity
Here are 9 good reasons to trust us. Our first objective is your peace of mind. Once you have had tried the services of a Real Estate Portfolio Manager, you will keep him on.
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