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Simple and useful actions for a more responsible, more sustainable everyday life

An action by an environmentally responsible citizen = a simple, daily action that aims to do something   modest but positive for the preservation of our environment, its eco-system and the renewal of natural resources. In addition, sometimes these actions can help you make substantial savings.

Be an eco-citizen with heating and hot water

It is estimated that ± 80% of the energy consumed in a home is linked to these two items: heating and hot water.

- Keep your room temperature below 19°C and below 16°C in bedrooms.
- Setting the automatic timer of your thermostat enables you to reduce the boiler’s consumption by ± 25%.
- Having your boiler or water heater serviced regularly can help you make a 10 to 20% saving in energy.
- Limiting the temperature of the hot water tank to 50/60°C is quite sufficient.
- Save heat by closing your shutters and curtains.

Be an eco-citizen and limit household waste

- Place a “NO JUNK MAIL” sticker on your letterbox.
- Recycle food waste using a compost bin or a wormery.
- Don’t confuse the toilet with the waste bin.
- Don’t forget to sort your waste.
- Stick to the recommended amounts of washing powder and choose eco-products
- Avoid using strong chemical products for unblocking sinks and use a rubber plunger, or clean manually using an inflatable siphon.

Be an eco-citizen by saving water

The water we use comes from a natural environment and is therefore taken away from a water table, a river or a lake, which are also natural water reserves for vegetation and animals.
The average amount of water consumed per person per day is ± 155 litres.

- Save water while you brush your teeth or shampoo your hair.
- A dripping tap equals 120 litres of water per day.
- Taking a shower rather than a bath uses on average five times less water.
- Fit your taps with restrictor valves.
- Remember to recycle water, for example, to water your plants.
- Keep an eye on your meter to avoid a leak.
- Drink tap water. It is drinkable and guaranteed to be free of contamination.

Be an eco-citizen with electricity

Electricity is everywhere in our lives. Lighting, heating, water, household appliances; few people are able to live without it. To limit your consumption, there is no need to go without, all you have to do is change your habits and alter your consumption.

1. Lighting
- Remember to switch off lights that are not being used
- Choose low energy bulbs, try LED lights.
- Avoid halogen lights.
- Take care with lampshades.

2. Household appliances and multi-media equipment
- Buy appliances with at least an A energy rating.
- Avoid using the tumble drier and dishwasher as much as possible.
- Switch off electrical appliances that remain on stand by.

3. The refrigerator
- Choose a refrigerator that suits the size of your family
- Respect the temperatures and cold areas of a refrigerator.
- Defrost the refrigerator and freezer regularly.
- Don’t put hot or over-wrapped food in the refrigerator.
- Cleaning it makes it last longer.

4. Cooking food
- To keep water boiling in a saucepan, use a lid.
- To re-heat: use a microwave.
- Use suitable saucepans.
- Cooking on a rolling boil uses more energy. 

Be an eco-citizen in the garden

1. Watering
- In summer, water in the evening and remember to hoe the soil before watering.
- Water less and better!
- Recycle rainwater for many domestic uses.
2. The garden
- Keep an area that is more wild and natural.
- Use organic insecticides.
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